Mission of the Bodhimanda Foundation

The aim of the Bodhimanda Foundation is to spread knowledge about the material and immaterial culture of esoteric Buddhism. This is done by displaying the collection online, and by participating in museum exhibitions at home and abroad. In addition, the foundation stimulates research, publications and lectures on the culture of esoteric Buddhism. The Bodhimanda foundation does not organize religious activities. 

The collection and the accompanying story express the hidden power of Buddhist rituals, which are in fact nothing more than highly effective, dramatised forms of meditation. These rituals have been used for centuries to positively influence the environment and as an aid on the road to higher consciousness and inner awakening. According to Buddhist views, the sacred objects have a beneficial effect on the human spirit. 

The collection does not focus on a specific art historical period, but shows sacred objects from long ago as well as from recent periods; after all, in the Tibetan cultural area and in Japan various esoteric forms of Buddhism are still thriving.
By showing its collection with a fundamental explanation of its meaning and by stimulating research and other activities, the Bodhimanda Foundation wants to contribute to a different way of thinking about who we are.

Bodhimanda means ‘the place of enlightenment’. Every place where our eyes open to the enlightened reality is the place of enlightenment. The logo is the Amrita vase with the elixir of life, from which sprouts the lotus that carries the beggar’s nap containing the Bodhi tree, under which Siddharta received enlightenment.

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